Psychiatric liaison

Our accredited Psychiatric Liaison teams are based in Derbyshire’s two large general hospitals: Royal Derby Hospital and Chesterfield Royal Hospital. 

What do the Liaison teams do?

The two teams provide advice, support and a signposting service to patients over the age of 18, where potential mental health and/or drug and alcohol issues are identified. 

Following referral from a health professional in Accident and Emergency (A&E) or a ward within the general hospital, the team will offer a high-quality intervention, assessment and discharge process. This process will cover all aspects of mental health - including drug and alcohol use and self-harming.

Why is this kind of early assessment important?

Research shows that untreated mental health issues can lead to people spending longer in hospital and to poorer physical health. By working with other clinical colleagues, the Liaison teams make sure that patients get the right help, at the right time, in the right place.

The teams also provide an important educational resource to staff throughout the hospital - to raise awareness and understanding of mental health needs and recognising the signs and symptoms.

When are the teams available?

The teams in both hospitals are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  

How do individuals get referred to the Liaison teams?

Referrals are made through the general hospital by a health professional.

At Royal Derby Hospital, we also provide a psychiatric liaison service for children and young people.

The service is called CAMHS Rapid Involvement, Support and Empowerment - or CAMHS RISE for short. 

Learn more on the CAMHS RISE page.

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