Guidance for inpatients

Updated Monday 29 June 2020

The national suspension of hospital visiting has been lifted. New visiting arrangements within the Trust came into effect on 29 June 2020. Please note the Trust’s approach to visiting:

  • Before visiting, please contact the ward to discuss whether it is open for visiting. If a ward has confirmed COVID-19 cases, visiting will be suspended 
  • When the ward confirms that it is open, you can make arrangements to visit. Visits must be booked in advance. Visitors will be provided with an agreed time to visit for up to one hour
  • There will be a gap of 15 minutes between visits to allow for cleaning of the visiting room. Visits may be shorter if there is a high demand for visits
  • Visiting outside the unit is preferable and social distancing measures must be adhered to. Visitors should use hand sanitiser on arrival and departure 
  • A suitable room will be provided for any indoor visit. This room will be cleaned before and after the visit. Personal protective equipment (PPE) and a clinical waste bin will be available in the room
  • Visitors are limited to one family contact or someone important to the patient. If social distancing is possible, a second visitor may be permitted
  • Visitors will be informed about what to expect and about social distancing and wearing PPE. Good hand hygiene (handwashing) is needed 
  • Visitors will need to wear a mask (or face covering) and gloves. The mask must not be touched or removed during the visit 
  • Anyone showing symptoms of COVID-19, or who has been advised by the Test and Trace service to self-isolate, must not visit 
  • On arrival, visitors should report to reception.

We ask for the public’s help in respecting these rules and remind visitors that we have a zero tolerance of abuse towards our staff.

The following brochure is available to all service users and carers on our wards, and gives information on what changes they can expect to take place on their ward during this time.

Please visit for further information about Coronavirus. 

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