About us

Information about the type of services we provide and how we are organised as a Trust.

How we care for people in our services and what it means to bring our values to life.

Information about our executive and non-executive directors and their role and responsibilities.

The role of the Trust’s council and how to contact your governor.

Information about the ways we report our performance and details of our improvement plans.

Examples of how we are committed to equality, fairness and inclusion.

Information about how we keep personal data secure and protected.

Keeping you up-to-date with news from around the Trust.

Information about what we publish and how it can be accessed.

Information about our research teams and their areas of expertise.

Information about the different children's services we provide in Derby, southern Derbyshire and across the county

Information about the services we provide for working age adults and older adults in Derby and across Derbyshire

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